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Shakespeare in the park
a calamity
of hailstones

Tom Painting

Washington's statue
    toppled by a crowd—
        his horse too

paul m.


ash wednesday
wash me   scrawled
across the windshield

Michael Henry Lee

the fishing pole
from a missing boy . . .
muddy riverbank

John Buden


speaking softly
long-needled pines
catch the snow

Sondra J. Byrnes

father's day
fishing lines crossed
in the shallows

Frank Hooven


we share a drink
at the water cooler—
office plant

Chris Langer

doing her best motherless rain raises the daisies

Kat Lehmann


attic mice
buildling a nest from
his love letters

Carol Raisfeld

bitter pomegranate
choosing a name
for our neverchild

Joshua Gage (after Rowan Beckett)


moonlit cloud . . .
my birth mother reveals
her reasons

Michael Buckingham Gray

holding my hand
in a bucket of worms . . .
first love

Lew Watts



at evening Mass
hanging from the crucifix
spider silk

Julie Bloss Kelsey