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winter moon
the silver
of returning smelts

Jacquie Pearce

the moment I know
I've gone too far
freezing drizzle

Ignatius Fay


town hall meeting
I sit my sarcasm
in the back row

Sandi Pray

she decides
to hyphenate

Jennifer Hambrick


midnight thunder
I inch closer
to his snore

Ferris Gilli

the doorbell rings
all the ways we are
not home

Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff


what to do
with the thyme that's left—
herb garden

Terri L. French

our lived experience in the bins on the curb

George Swede


pen pal letter
back when we were
mean girls

Kerry J. Heckman

column of ants
no one here goes
by that name

Cherie Hunter Day



blue hyacinth
the granddaughters discover
my wildflower guide

Reneé Owen

campfire smoke
drifting back
to once

Scott Mason



i turn the plum
before taking a bite

Joyce Clement

hands too shaky
to hold her granddaughter—
field stubble

P M F Johnson


autumn leaves
the sound a deer
doesn't make

Bryan Rickert

canyon bottom
none of my daydreams
work here

Agnes Eva Savich