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Egg-beater Jesus

by Terri L. French

There’s a towering mosaic of Jesus on the front of the First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. His arms are spread in a welcoming gesture. His bottom half resembles a wire-whisk. Officially he is given the Age-of-Aquarius 1970-ish moniker of “The Cosmic Christ.” The community has a love-hate relationship with this weird rendering of the Son of God that has settled into a familiar affection. Many of the 14 million Italian tiles he’s composed of have fallen to the ground, which simply enhances his shabby appeal. His likeness graces coffee cups, t-shirts and even an actual kitchen utensil. One wonders what the actual Jesus would think of this somewhat bizarre artistic likeness of himself. I can’t help but believe it would make him smile.

assembling at
the Waffle House
sinners and saints




How Kindness Spreads

by Lenard D. Moore

It’s the next-to-last-day of school. After eighth-grade graduation, the eighth graders walk through the hall. Everyone throws confetti on them. Then the fifth-grade graduation takes place in the cafeteria, too. Meanwhile we eat bagged lunch in the classroom. Sixth-grade teachers sweep the hall until clean. Two of my seventh-grade students ask to help. They don’t want the custodians to do extra work. At the end of the school day, a colleague says, “Mr. Moore, we have something for you. You’re the only one who was selected on this floor.” His kindergartener hands me a plant that they planted.

hot carpool—
the dean gives me
a straw hat